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I ate trash today.

Okay, it wasn’t trash, but there was a disturbing lack of green.

I blame a few things:

1. No exercise
2. Really yummy food
3. I’m out of practice. Coming off of a great weekend full of delicious treats (ice cream pie, waffles, more edamame hummus than I care to disclose), I’ve maybe forgotten how to eat vegetables?

Six days a week, first thing in the morning, (5:30ish) I spend 30-45 minutes working up a sweat. It sets the tone for my day. Today I skipped. I was making breakfast for my staff and just didn’t have time.


I also didn’t have time to take a picture until breakfast was gone, apparently. Vegan crepes with spiced cherries and hazelnut sauce. So good. It was basically dessert for breakfast.

And then at 11, I needed a cookie. Yes, needed. And coffee. Needed x2…


I put the rest of this batch out on the staff room table. 45 minutes and they were gone!


Lunch wasn’t too bad, but thank goodness for my cucumbers. They were the only green I ate all day!



By the time dinner hit, I still had zero desire for vegetables.



Trader Joe’s samosas, naan and baba ganoush. The kids and Matty B also had peas. Why would I break my veggie boycott for peas?

I’m a little ashamed and beyond the mental aspect of this, I really feel sluggish. Whether it was the lack of exercise or the lack of fresh produce, I don’t feel great physically.

Moral of the story? Back to the routine tomorrow. I already have plans for a good 3 miles on the treadmill and a green smoothie. I need a reset button.

Do I have a problem when I can honestly say I’m excited about running and kale?:)

How do you “reset”?


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  1. You have no idea how happy I was to see you excited about running & kale, haha. I am the same way, well except I walk and kale. I have seemed to notice that when I decide to have those bender days with no vegetables my body craves kale. I actually had to do a reset this week myself and although my body wanted greens I kept right on not eating them so to make a long story short I whipped out the juicer and blender and made some great treats that gave me the energy & alertness that I had been missing. It also put me right back on schedule to eating my veggies without even thinking about it.

  2. Mmmm cookies and coffee are a fab combo! It’s okay to fall of the healthy eating train sometimes. You’ll always get back on-track. 🙂


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