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Mothers Day Perfection

It was pretty close to being a perfect day.

Well, let’s put that statement in perspective.

A perfect day might involve winning the lottery, vacationing in Dubai, and drinking large amounts of this, without gaining a pound.


But this was a perfect realistic day.


Sleeping in. Yes, for me, 7:49 is sleeping in. Also, what’s Cupertino?


A run in the sunshine. These are my shoes. I spared you a photo of the hot mess called my face. No one wants to see that.


Mother’s Day Breakfast + Dutch Bros. pictured above. I’m so predictable with the bananas and PB.


Playtime with cousins. Miss Rae isn’t completely naked, although she would be if we let her.


Nap time. The pacifier goes in and all of a sudden my “big girl” turns into a baby again. Yes, please.


Snacktime. I’ve got to try a remake on these. They’re so expensive and I think I could come up with something comparable.


Happy time:) Matty B think his sunglasses are crooked in this picture. You didn’t know until I said something, right? And now that’s all you’ll ever see.

Perfect end to a perfect day?


Happy Mother’s Day!


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