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Sometimes it’s easy to be vegan.


Veggie Grill BBQ “beef” sandwich. Imagine a choir of angels singing and you’ll know how I feel about this place.

Sometimes, I’m only vegan when it’s convenient.


Hummus and veggie snack plate? Sure, why not?

Sometimes, friends, sometimes, even if I have a vegan option, I ignore the high road, opting instead for the Las Vegas strip of failed veganism.


It started out innocently enough.


Portland has had beautiful weather as of late, and we took the kiddos downtown to Jamison Square.


We played and splashed and in the back of my mind I knew there was a cute little ice cream store across the street that also had non-dairy sorbet.


And then we got inside the store. It smelled of fresh, homemade waffle cones. There was no line and we sampled away.


The kidlets quickly got to work on their birthday party ice cream.



It appears that J Man is not a fan of his treat. Let me assure you, this was quite the opposite.

And then it was my turn to choose a flavor.


The sorbet options were pina colada, strawberry, kiwi and mocha. True, it wasn’t like it was a boring chocolate or vanilla choice, but look at some of the “regular” ice cream options:


Spicy Thai Peanut?!? What?!?

And in a moment of weakness, my cone contained Salted Caramel and Coffee Crackle.


I have no shame.

(Ok, maybe a little shame. Can we still be friends?)


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