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Pepperoni Pizza

Important info to know before you read my story: The school I work at has a pretty large vegetarian population. All the hot lunches we serve are vegetarian and some kids have even requested vegan options.

Last week, a very sweet, well meaning parent volunteered to bring in pizza as a special treat for the 8th graders to share. When the order was delivered, they were very appreciative, but somewhat disappointed.

Pepperoni. Two of the four pizzas were covered in it. The kids fought over the two veggie pizzas and God bless the hot lunch lady for giving us the leftover tater tots from hot lunch.

It was a great lesson in kindness and appreciation as the students crafted their thank you notes to the pizza parent.

I’ve never actually tasted pepperoni, you know. What’s pepperoni made of, anyway? Is it like hot dogs or bologna? A lot of random “parts” all squished together?

I’m not too anxious to find out.

However, when we decided to make my grilled pizzas tonight for dinner, I thought I’d see what all the fuss was about.


I’ve had this recipe sitting in my “to try” file for months now. The Smart Kitchen is the brains behind this brilliance. Basically vital wheat gluten is mixed with a bazillion spices and some veggie broth. Then you squish it together. See? Just like the real thing!


I divided the dough in half for two big sausages and wrapped them in foil.


350 degrees for 45 minutes and you have…


No inappropriate comments. You know how prude I am.


I sliced them up, only for my pizza. Certainly Matty B wouldn’t even try them.


He surprised me! He liked them a lot! He said it was because they had so many spices. (Think thyme, basil, oregano, anise, onion, garlic, paprika, pepper, salt…)



My kids will only eat pizzas with faces, and apparently, pepperoni beards:)


Here’s my pizza. You can hardly see the pepperoni for all the veggies, but it’s there! It was delicious, too!


No one needed leftover tater tots after this pizza. Although tater tots would have made a lovely wig for a pizza face…


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  1. I LOVE that it worked out for you. Someone recently made the pepperoni and suggested that post-bake, slice and then bake again for a bit to get them a little bit more crisp and ‘authentic’ before putting them on pizza. I seriously need to make some more of this, and I am glad to know it is kid-approved. 🙂


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