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Maple Bacon Scones

Apparently bacon is kind of a big deal.

I’ve seen bacon lip balm, bacon scented soap and my personal favorite, the bacon mint. Because what’s better than bacon breath?

A frequent comment when people people find out that I’m not only vegetarian, but vegan?

“I could never survive without bacon! How do you do it?”

First of all, there are so many bathousands of foods available to us, is forgoing bacon really that big of a deal?

Secondly, I don’t forgo bacon. Babe just doesn’t have to die in order for me to get my bacon fix.

Portland is famous for many things: naked bike rides, Portlandia, and Powell’s books, to name a few.

The other big one?


Voodoo Doughnuts


Specifically, the maple bacon bar from Voodoo Doughnuts.

Am I right when I say that Voodoo was the mastermind behind the maple-bacon combo and everyone else is just a wannabe?

We’ve done Voodoo before, but ignored the bacon for good reason. I don’t like to be left out, though. If there’s an inside joke, I want in. This could hearken back to Jr. High insecurity, but when it comes to maple-bacon, I wanted to be a part of the “in crowd”.



I went with my very own maple scone recipe. This was one of the first recipes I “veganized” and it’s a winner.


Frosting. Obviously.


Here’s where it gets a little unconventional. Coconut plays a starring role in this mystery.


Mixed up with the marinade from my eggplant bacon recipe. What?!? Yes, I just did that.

It’s not as weird as you think. Post Punk Kitchen was an inspiration, along with The Veggie Nook.

Baked at 375 for 15-20 minutes, stirred every 5. Then let it sit, just for a few minutes to crisp up.


I totally get it. Not only was it impossible for me to stop eating this straight off of the pan, the maple bacon combo was to die for.


The sweet and smoky? The crunch of the bacon with the flakiness of the scone? Absolutely mouthwatering.


I’m totally a part of the “in crowd” with this combo. In fact, I might just be the leader of the coconut bacon crowd. And if there’s any question about that, I’ll make sure to use my bacon lip balm as proof.


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  1. I just went to Voodoo and posted about it too! cool place huh?

  2. My sister received a bacon candle for her birthday from my other sister. Holy, it is brutally strong, very headache inducing – as a ‘prank’ she (sis #1) will be giving it back to her (sis #2) at her birthday as you can’t even open up the cupboard it is in without going whoa!


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