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Tulip Festival

My kids like Chuck E. Cheese. They like the Children’s Museum. They’ve even been known to frequent McDonalds on a rainy afternoon, in search of some ice cream from the soft serve machine and the Ebola virus from the play equipment.

They don’t like craft fairs, Christmas bazaars or art galleries.

So what about Tulip Festivals?


Tuesday morning it was bright and sunny. The perfect morning to check out the tulip festival in Woodburn.


When we told the kids where we were going, Miss Rae shrieked with delight (note: we could have told her we were going to the garbage dump and she’d probably have had the same reaction)…


J Man was a little more cautious. “Will there be food there?” he questioned.


“We’ll bring our own snacks,” I said, not wanting to explain to him why we wouldn’t be eating the bratwurst/liverwurst/grossowurst they would be selling at the festival.


“Will we be picking strawberries?” he asked. The answer was “no”, with a little trepidation building in my heart. Not only would we not be picking strawberries, but we wouldn’t be picking tulips either…


“Punkins?” asked Miss Rae.

“No, sweet girl, no pumpkins”.


And so we went to the tulip festival, certain we’d be leaving after 17 minutes.


Two hours later, they were still going strong!


And when it was time to leave, we took them kicking and screaming to the car.


Although the tantrums were more about who got to pump the rubber ducks down the water shoot than leaving the flowers…


Or maybe they were still waiting for their pumpkins…


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