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Does Earth Balance “Brown”? and other important questions…

Question #1. Is it possible for a 2 year old and a 4 year old to play peacefully together?

Answer: No



The first picture is said 4 year old freaking out because his sister is “helping” and he doesn’t want her help thankyouverymuch.

Question #2. Will vegan butter “brown”?

If you’re sick of me talking about Joy the Baker, I’m sorry, but I won’t stop, if for no other reason than her love of browned butter.

Wait. Isn’t this a vegan blog? And isn’t butter…not?

Enter Earth Balance.



I have a problem with cornbread. It’s a good problem, I think. I’m totally obsessed with trying new cornbread recipes. Obviously, Joy’s recipe for cornbread with browned butter was a must try.

Small detail: her recipe calls for milk, eggs, sour cream and butter. Real butter. Real browned butter. Could I veganize this recipe?


I used vegan sour cream, almond milk, EnerG egg replacer and Earth Balance.


I was anxious about letting the butter get too brown, so I probably didn’t let it go as far as it could have, but you can see the color progression. It really did brown!



They were delicious. Joy is a genius. As is J Man.

Question #3. What do you do if your 4 year old is too smart for his own good?

Last night, J Man wasn’t too interested in his dinner. I told him he had to take 6 more bites before he could be excused. He agreed and promptly took 3 bites.

Me: “You only took 3 bites.”

Smarty Pants: “I was counting by 2’s.”

Question #4. Is she the cutest little buglet you’ve ever seen?


Answer: Yes


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