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Know when to stop…

I never know when to stop.

Salad bars are a perfect example of this. For instance, when we go to Sweet Tomatoes, a normal person’s salad might have a bed of greens, some cucumber, tomato, carrots, maybe some croutons and dressing. Normal.

My salads look like I took a little bit of everything, because I probably did. They taste great, but look like the garden exploded.

Another example? Accessories. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not a fashionista. I still like ugg boots with skinny jeans. Apparently this isn’t cool anymore? Regardless, the other day I was rocking a headband and a scarf and sunglasses all together and I looked like I was trying to rob a bank.

Didn’t know when to stop.

This is frequently the case in the kitchen. The past few weeks I’ve taken two amazing recipes, both from my crush Joy and basically desecrated them. They were still really good, but what I added? Unnecessary.

Exhibit a:


For one (of many) of Miss Rae’s birthdays, I decided to make this recipe for chocolate cupcakes. Even though Joy is a big fan of butter, she has a whole segment of her blog devoted to vegan baking. I heart her.

The cupcakes turned out beautifully, but because I don’t know when to stop, I filled them with this caramel recipe from The Conscious Eatery. Both recipes on their own? Delightful. Together? Too sweet. My mom actually said that the combo had an alcoholic flavor, but I think it was the over abundance of sourdough pancakes we ate that morning.

Verdict: Leave the cupcakes alone. Eat the caramel by the spoonful.

Exhibit b:


This recipe was for a birthday brunch for the 2 year old (I’ve had about enough birthday to last at least until my own- J Man too. It’s painful having to sit through three birthday celebrations that aren’t yours when you’re 4…). Again, Joy inspired me with this recipe for Pumpkin Bread, which I, naturally, had to play around with.

This recipe tasted great, but in all reality, the “extras” I added did nothing for the flavor and only added calories. Deal or no deal?

No deal!


I made a crumble out of butter, sugar, graham cracker crumbs, WW flour and cinnamon. I put some at the bottom of the pan, and some in the middle of the two layers. If you look closely, you can see the difference in color. Any other difference is negligible.


I did add a maple glaze, but that was purely for vanity, not for flavor. Again, unnecessary sugar.


Don’t get me wrong. Both recipes were great. But both were probably best in their true, unadulterated form.

Moral of the story?

Less is more.

Unless it comes to this one:


With him, more is more…:)


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  1. I used to be a never-knowing-when-to-stop person. My partner, however, is still struggling with the disorder. Especially with cooking. Ever since watching him throw absolutely every ingredient you could imagine into a soup and blending it all up into a brown muck that tasted like you don’t want to know what, I’ve changed my ways. I could go one of those chocolate caramel cupcakes though! They look incredible!


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