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Munchkin Meals


My baby’s not a baby anymore…


Here she is, modeling her new outfit from Aunt Glenda…


Complete with Minnie Mouse hair bows from Sha Sha…


Ready to go for a sweet ride thanks to grandma and grandpa…

We promised her a birthday treat. But like all good little two year olds everywhere agree, healthy food comes first! Here are Miss Rae’s eats on her birthday!


Strawberries, blackberries, Morningstar Veggie Sausage Links and oatmeal with brown sugar.

Daddy took her to Jamba Juice for a happy birthday morning snack. Daddy/Daughter date…aww…;)


Lunch was broccoli, squash, red potatoes and veggie chicken strips. Both kids gobbled up their broccoli, had to be forced to try one bite of everything else and then ended up with toast….sigh…


Afternoon snack: veggie hot dog and red pepper.


Dinner was more successful: rice with soy sauce, peas and tenderbits.

Looking over the day, it seems that the kids had a lot of soy meat. They love it and I’d much prefer they eat that over real meat, but I’m going to try to introduce more beans or other forms of protein.

And the promised birthday treat?


It’s very hard to wait patiently at the frozen yogurt store…


Especially on your birthday…when you’re 2…


Get some fro-yo in that girl!


Happy Birthday, Miss Rae!

Check out what other kiddos munched today!


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