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WIAW, just like the kids

The other day I was driving home, alone, 15 minutes into my 25 minute commute, when I realized that I had been listening to “Wee Sing Silly Songs” the whole time.

This either means:

a) I’m not focusing at all while I’m driving, too wrapped up in my thoughts to notice whether or not I’m blasting “5 Little Monkeys”. Watch out. I drive a blue Honda Fit. I’d keep your distance…


b) My kids have so warped my mind that I actually enjoy a little “John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt”. Then again, who doesn’t?

The kids have also warped my mind when it comes to food:


Breakfast was Chobani (this is my last real yogurt- then I’m trying yet another soy variety), a handful of Ezekiel cereal and a banana. Miss Rae calls them BAnanas. And you must say it with the emphasis on the BA. Try it. BAnana. I think it’s cute.


For the record, I also think she’s pretty cute.

Coffee is unpictured, but was consumed. This decision to imbibe was also inspired by my children as they have energizer bunny-like stamina and it’s all I can do to keep up with them. Now I know why Matty B may have multiple coffees daily…


Lunch was 1/4 of a roasted butternut squash, a sweet and sour mini meatloaf and some roasted broccoli slaw. I wanted an orange, but it was the last one in the fridge and Miss Rae looooves them. I know, I’m such a martyr. And a contender for mother of the year…


I snacked at staff meeting on hummus, guac and some “dippers”, including these pretzel rods.


J Man calls pretzels “princels”. I think it’s kind of cute.


For the record, I also think he’s pretty cute…


Dinner was farfalle pasta, broccoli slaw, sundried tomatoes, green beans and marinara all mashed up together. I asked J Man if he wanted a bite and he gave a resounding “NO” and went back to his plain pesto “butterfly” pasta.

The kids had some chocolate chips for dessert. I followed suit with a piece of dark chocolate with sea salt. As long as it includes chocolate, they can warp my mind all they want…


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  1. Your pasta dinner dish looks delicious!

  2. I like the idea of having broccoli slaw with butternut squash!


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