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We went to Cannon Beach. Have I mentioned that it’s my favorite place ever?

We went with my family 3 years ago in July and it was cold and windy.


This is me with J Man. Note how rested I look. Then, along came this girl…


She’s a true Oregonian with her hat, sweater and no pants.

And in her defense, she didn’t really need pants! It was warm – some might have said hot!

I actually made a conscious effort to leave my phone back at the beach house so I could just be there, but I had to take a few pictures…





We spent a ton of time at the beach, flying kites, poking sea anemones, jumping off of sand dunes and digging giant holes (Matty B:).

I had decided that my vegan-ness would go by the wayside for this trip, but I actually found a lot of vegan options!





Seriously, I’d move here if I could.


I’m pretty sure I could convince these guys to come with me…

This trip made some great memories, which is the only thing getting me through the Monday after Spring Break! What about your Monday has been Marvelous? Marvelous Monday.


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