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“Angelic” Eggs


I really don’t miss eggs.

That’s true. The proof requires a confession.

This morning, we had Easter brunch with my family. I’ve talked numerous times about how limited breakfast is for a vegan, especially eating out. Pig ‘n Pancake in Cannon Beach is no exception. My vegan options were oatmeal or a fruit cup. I decided to get a veggie omelette.

Meh. I was disappointed. First, because it didn’t taste that good. Second, because I claim to be vegan and I purposely ate eggs.

I really don’t miss eggs.


Eggs smell like sewer.


They are most typically either runny and underdone or rubbery and overdone.


These aren’t eggs. These are faux deviled eggs. Maybe we’ll call them angelic eggs.

Mini red potatoes are boiled until tender, then hollowed out and stuffed with hummus and a sprinkling of smoked paprika.

These “eggs” aren’t the only thing “angelic”.



“Angelic” might be too strong a word for Miss Rae. Tonight I told her that she could only have one candy egg for dessert and she tried to hit me…


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  1. You should a recipe that uses tofu instead of eggs. I saw a recipe for it online and it looked like real scrambled eggs but no dairy!

  2. This is why I never eat out. Well hardly ever. When the inlaws are visiting us we cook (or we visit them and they cook vegan which is nice) and they go out to eat with the brother in law’s family. Better food that way and also less trouble for the little monkey to get into. I’m definitely lucky that my fam is totally supportive of our veg-ness and will totally eat at the vegetarian restaurant, if there is one that is.
    LOL about Miss Rae. She is a feisty one.


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