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Tomato Dessert…what?!?


I was teaching beginner Sabbath School a few days ago and we were talking about all the yummy fruits and vegetables that God made for us. The kids each had a plastic vegetable and I was encouraging them to tell me which vegetable they had.

Miss Rae had a plastic tomato. When I asked her what it was she responded correctly and then I asked her, “Do you like tomatoes?”

She exuberantly shouted, “YES!”

You’re not supposed to lie in church.


Other than my dad, I’m living in a world of tomato haters. My mom has hated tomatoes all her life, Matty B won’t touch them and J Man won’t even eat ketchup or spaghetti sauce!

Miss Rae was my only hope, and I’ve been nonchalantly giving them to her, but she very intentionally eats all around each tomato nub.


Just like Brussels Sprouts, if you don’t like tomatoes, maybe it’s because you haven’t had them prepared properly.


My go to prep method for almost any vegetable?


Olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. High heat (450?) and 30ish minutes


With this bread (or I recommend this one🙂


It was like tomato dessert. And Miss Rae may not like tomatoes, but I think she likes dessert…


Miss Rae and a chocolate covered marshmallow…


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  1. That is not true…I love sun-dried tomatoes!

  2. Tomatoes and garlic, roasted, yum. Such an easy and delicious dish to make..


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