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Thursday Thoughts, part II

People, I have so much craziness in my head right now. So much. More on the “crazy” at a later date.

For today, it’s another round of Thursday Thoughts, because maybe if I get some of this stuff out of my head, and into yours, there’ll be room for important things, like my email password. (Seriously, I forgot this the other day. Matty B had to remind me of what it is…I told you I have issues!)


I’m becoming a big kombucha fan! This will sound weird but I love the feeling I get in my nose when I drink it. This flavor was green tea and it was great!


Aunt B is a rock star in this house. She’s also in Hawaii right now. Did I mention that it was hailing today in Portland? I’m slightly jealous of her.


I bought this Mac n cheese for the kids. Dairy free? Yay! Number shaped pasta? Yes! Tasty? NO!!!


I took a bite and almost gagged, then immediately washed the sauce off the noodles and doused the whole mess with butter and Parmesan cheese. The kiddos dinner was saved, but word to the wise: don’t buy this!


This sign makes me die a little inside. What?!? Mt. Dew mixed with OJ for a morning beverage? Disgusting. What is this world coming to?

I really want to make this key lime pie smoothie and this TVP chili and, of course, my love Joy the Baker has this amazing recipe for vegan lemon creme with oat thyme crumble…I need more time in the kitchen!



J Man at our Curriculum Fair. What a big boy! Speaking of big boys, this is what I found him doing yesterday…


People, I’m scared. I really am. What am I going to do with this kid?


My late night snack.


Matty B’s late night snack. What am I going to do with this kid?!?


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