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Demonizing Brussels Sprouts

I don’t like this book.


1. It uses the word “hate”. Now I’ve got a 4 year old running around saying that he hates things. Fabulous.

2. It uses the word “hate” in regards to vegetables. Oooh, Mama not happy.

3. It uses the word “hate” in regards to vegetables, specifically Brussels Sprouts!


The plot of the book involves a vegetable eating robot who saves the child from the evilness of all that is green. I half expected the book to be cowritten by Ronald McDonald and the cocoa puffs bird.

I happen to love Brussels Sprouts and I take issue with a children’s book specifically demonizing this vegetable!


Do these tasty little nuggets get a bad rap? For sure!


But nobody gives them a chance! I found this link for the top 25 most hated foods. In addition to tofu, Brussels Sprouts are one of the Top 25 Most Disliked Foods. Poor little guys…

As with most foods, it’s all in the preparation.


High heat (425+)

Olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic

30(ish) minutes


Crispy caramelized on the outside. Soft and buttery on the inside. So good.

The last reason I don’t like the above book?


Now J Man and Miss Rae think they are entitled to dessert as a vegetable “reward”…

That’s not how this household works, and apparently they already know that.

True story: Last night, J Man requested dessert and I asked him what he wanted. His response?

Scrambled eggs.

Maybe with a few Brussels on the side…?

Do you eat Brussels Sprouts?


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  1. I must admit that I’m yet to find a way of cooking brussel sprouts that i actually find them tasty! and i’m one who definitely gives food a try!!!!!
    I do love tofu though even though that’s on the hate list! 😉

  2. Brussels rule – unless they’re overcooked, but the same goes for any vegetable. I’ll have to avoid that book for my kiddo, thanks for the heads up!


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