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By the Numbers

42: minutes that I survived of cycling class.


3: number of strawberries in the mix with 1/2 banana, pineapple chunks, yogurt and 2 TBS granola.


4: minutes that I was late to school.

5: refills of my water bottle.


0: refills of my coffee. Just one cup today! I’m so proud!


5: number of times I’ve eaten this kale salad in a two week period. I’m addicted. To kale. I’m so proud!


8: apple slices eaten as a snack along with…

Too many: dips out of the dark chocolate peanut butter. Not as proud of this one…

$3.79: per gallon of gas.


2: number of prepared foods I ate for dinner. Again, not as proud, but it’s not like it was a Big Mac…


The extra white space in the plate was previously occupied by baby carrots and bell pepper slices, but I munched while I cooked opened packages.

7: goal hours of sleep tonight…

Zero: guilt for eating this sea salt dark chocolate…


What’s one of your numbers for today?


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  1. 2700…the number of dollars I got for Bri’s wrecked 94 BMW today…now on to a new venture mobile.

  2. hahahaaa I LOVE IT!!!!
    42 is my favourite number so you had me from the start!
    hmmmm what is with fuel prices going up so much this week :-/ no fun at all

  3. How are those Tofurky italian Sausages? I have been wondering about them but have yet to take the plunge and buy them.


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