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Sneak Peek: grocery shopping

I think most people are naturally snoopy.

Why else would reality TV be such a hit? Everyone else wants to know what everyone else is really doing. Well, sometimes. Does anyone care about the Kardashians anymore? Are they in syndication yet? Am I really old, referencing pop culture from 5 years ago? Who’s hot now? Boo Boo somebody? Unless it starts with El and ends with Mo, I’m clueless…

Here’s my reality: Grocery shopping on Sunday morning.


Stylin’ wardrobe choices: jammies, dollar store necklace and pink cowboy boots. Classy, no? Honey Boo Boo’s got nothing on us…

And the loot…


Bananas, carrots, basil, broccoli, yellow pepper


Mini vege corn dogs and regular vege corn dogs, WW bread, raw cashews, grapes, apple juice, green beans, egg beaters (for the kids)


Milk (organic whole for Miss Rae, almond for the boys and coconut for me), Foccacia bread, 2 Kashi cereals, 2 Mom’s best cereals (the only golden graham-ish, cinnamon toast crunchish cereals I’ll buy), frozen peas, zucchini


Unpictured: WW pastry flour, yogurt for kids, baby shampoo, and flour tortillas

Total? $104, which is pretty average for us to spend each week.

What will I use said groceries for?

Sunday night: homemade Mac ‘n cheese with roasted broccoli

Monday night: corn dogs for Matty B and the kids (I have board meeting, so won’t be home)

Tuesday night: panini sandwiches

Wednesday night: fajitas

Thursday night: spaghetti, meatballs and salad

Friday night: burritos (always…:)

Saturday night: peanut noodles and roasted green beans

We don’t always stick to the meal plan. Sometimes what’s on the schedule just doesn’t sound good. Sometimes I really want Baja Fresh. Sometimes Miss Rae demands cornbread and chili to go along with her pink cowboy boots.

And that’s reality.


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  1. Laura @ Mommy Run Fast

    Thanks for linking up! I totally agree with you on the snoopy/ curiosity thing. And oh my goodness, your daughter is too cute!!

  2. I love to grocery shop! Oh and there are times when I REALLY want Baja Fresh too! Sadly I’d have to move back to Cali to get it. Thanks for linking up with Laura and I for What’s for Dinner!


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