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WIAW habits

I’m a creature of habit.

I like things to be predictable. Surprise parties? Not my favorite. Schedules? Love ’em!

Two examples of this:

1. I always eat my breakfast in the car. Always. It started because I wanted to multitask. Also, I have a 25 minute commute and it keeps me from getting bored. Yes, my food entertains me. This morning, I was actually ready with time to spare. I could have easily sat down and eaten my breakfast, but I couldn’t do it. My habit is to eat my breakfast in the car. That’s what I did.

2. When Miss Rae was just a tiny baby and was waking up early every morning, Matty B and I would share the burden and switch off mornings getting up with her. Like a crazy woman, I would use my mornings to exercise. I religiously went to spinning class on Tuesdays and Fridays (my mornings off). Now? The lady who teaches on Fridays is really no good. Miss Rae consistently sleeps straight through until 7 am. I could go other days. But I don’t. I go Tuesdays and Fridays. That’s what I do.

I have an “oatmeal for breakfast” habit. I have a “salad for lunch” habit.

And with some inspiration from a few new recipes, these habits were shaken up today!


Carrot Cake Barley from this recipe. Creamy and flavorful and so good!

Coffee. Regular. I don’t want to talk about it.


Lunch was a fabulous surprise! I brought a boring old salad to school, but my sweet friend Kari went to New Seasons and got yummy lunch treats to share! This plate has roasted Brussels, asparagus, kale salad, apple slices, bread and sweet/salty hazelnuts. Such a great “pick me up” in a long day!

She also brought some green juice.


I need some fruit in my juice. This was a little too vegetabley for me.


I snacked on some hummus and carrots while I made dinner. This hummus was so good, and actually wasn’t made out of garbanzo beans! Secret ingredient? Red lentils! I followed this recipe and was actually really surprised at the outcome. My lentils were bright orange/red, but this looks like regular hummus! Crazy and crazy good.


Dinner was my homemade pita bread stuffed with Trader Joe’s falafel, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and more of the above hummus.

And I ate chocolate. Some habits should never be broken.


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  1. This was a great post. I literally laughed aloud at your habits. I’m the same way 🙂 I really hate change. haha.

    Carrot cake barley sounds fabulous. I love anything flavored like cake or cookie dough 😀 And falafels are awesome! I haven’t had them in a while because of food allergies, but they are so delicious!


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