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First World Problems

I was listening to the radio the other day, and the DJ was talking about “first world problems”:

For instance…

My garage is so full of stuff, I can’t park my car in it.

My car broke down so I had to drive my other car.

The ice maker in my fridge doesn’t send out the cubes fast enough.

Only in the USA would these be real concerns.

The “first world problem” that we experience most frequently at my house?

We have so many toys in our house that my kids don’t know what to play with.


J Man and Miss Rae have multiple, financially stable grandparents, aunts/uncles and friends in their lives.


The amount of tents, slides, sports equipment, bikes, computers, stuffed animals and books found in our house will blow you away.


And trust me when I say that the kids have fun. They do! All three kids love their playthings!

And while the “stuff” drives me absolutely batty, we’re blessed.

(Side note: today I packed up a couple giant Rubbermaid containers with toys that neither child pays attention to anymore, and set the bins at the top of the stairs for Matty B to take downstairs to storage. Immediately these were the most entertaining toys the kidlets had ever seen in their lives.)

So the morale of this post?

1. Be thankful. Be thankful that you have food, shelter, health and safety.

2. Thank you to all our friends and family for your generosity to our kiddos!

3. Sometimes, sometimes, your kids don’t need iPads and air hockey tables.



Sometimes fun can be found in the simplest of things…


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