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Loved it.

Note: this was supposed to post much earlier, but because WordPress hates me, it’s late. Don’t blame me. Blame the Internet devils…

There’s something magical about a long weekend.

Confession: I very frequently confuse MLK Day with President’s Day. Same for Memorial Day and Labor Day. My mind is too full of other random knowledge, such as all the lyrics to The Wheels on the Bus.

Regardless, whether I’m thanking Abraham Lincoln or laborers, we had a great weekend!

Sometimes, weekends can be full of house cleaning, grocery trips and frantic attempts to “get caught up”. This weekend was no exception, but the extra 24 hours made me feel like I had all the time in the world!


J Man using his helmet for something more strenuous than fractions. This picture makes me happy because it proves that he’s an actual little boy, not a 45 year old accountant.


Lemon scones. Recipe promised. P.S. lemon tastes like spring and I’m ready!


Date night. Grandma baby-sat while we saw Argo. Loved it. Loved. It.

Loved it.


Lunch at Laughing Planet. Loved it. Not as much as Argo, but loved it still.


These brownies:


From this page:


In this cookbook:

Using this candy:



Loved it. More than Laughing Planet. Less than Argo. If you’re keeping track.


Sunshine and Rain. All within 20 minutes of each other. Only in Portland.


Overlook Park:



Love them. Love. Them. Yes. More than Argo.


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