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I didn’t like it.

This is what I’ve noticed about What I Ate Wednesday. May I make a generalization? Every little morsel that bloggers put into their mouths is the best thing they’ve had that day. Or ever.

And maybe 1/2 a sweet potato covered in protein powder truly is the best thing they’ve ever eaten. In their lives.

And if that’s true, I’d like to introduce them to these brownies:


I digress…

So today I’ll give you some honesty. I didn’t like much of the food that went into my mouth on this Wednesday.


Yogurt and fruit. Specifically, papaya.


Isn’t it pretty? I didn’t like it. Maybe the one I got was too ripe? Maybe it wasn’t ripe enough? I choked it down. It was meh.

0 for 1.

Lunch had potential. I tried a recipe for feta cheese made out of tofu from The Happy Herbivore.


The marinade was good, but I couldn’t get over the texture. It was very…tofu-like:) shocker:)



I enjoyed the cucumber, tomatoes, spinach and olives in this salad. I didn’t like the tofu.

0 for 2.

I snacked on some unpictured baby carrots. They were woody.

0 for 3.

I had half of this:


Bleh. Too sweet- somewhat of a “diet” aftertaste. Why did I drink half? Mindless drinking during budget building.

0 for 4.

And finally, when I had lost all hope of eating anything delicious, dinner was prepared.


By far, the ugliest, but the tastiest dish I ate today. Penne, orange bell pepper, green beans, zucchini, sundried tomato and the BEST cashew cheese sauce from Oh She Glows. I made another recipe with this sauce that I’ll share soon.

Finally! 1 for 5.

My odds were terrible.

Maybe some of these will help…



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  1. Haha,I love this post! Great message,so true.

  2. I hear you, sometimes things just don’t wor out. So why not just admit it right? Anyway thanks for the honesty. 🙂

  3. health advocation

    oh my goodness i’ve never tried protein powder on my sweet potatoes, I’m excited to do that next time. thanks for the idea and i look forward to seeing more posts on here 🙂


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