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Paradox Organic Cafe Review

I love me some Sunday brunch.

There’s something about drinking coffee that someone else brewed that really makes me happy.

Additionally, if you live in Portland, it’s not only easy to get vegan brunch, but perfectly acceptable to enjoy said brunch with bed head. Not only acceptable but maybe trendy. Note: I don’t know the first thing about being trendy. I just got the note that Wilson Phillips is no longer together. (Couldn’t they just…hold on, for one more day? Things’ll go their way…)

So we went to Paradox Organic Cafe in SE Portland. We had a coupon. I’m thrifty. Also, grandma paid. Thanks, grandma!

P.S. if you don’t live in Portland, I’m sorry- this might be boring for you. I give you permission to close this window. But please come back tomorrow. I have a yummy chocolate pie recipe. Promise.

So, back to the paradox. Paradox- something that seems absurd, but might be true.

At first glance, it seemed that the restaurant was slightly dirty. That was only partly true. I’m glad Great Grandpa wasn’t along for the ride. He would have not only grumbled about the spotty silverware, but would have made inappropriate comments about our dreadlocked server. It’s Portland, grandpa…


At first glance, the menu was exciting! Corn cakes with apples and walnuts? Vegan hollandaise? Your choice of tempeh or tofu? Vegan heaven!


And then the food arrived. Sourdough toast topped with tofu and “treehugger” hollandaise. Mom and I also split a corn cake.


And it was cold. And my mom is capable of getting food poisoning from a stale saltine cracker. And when we oh so politely asked that our plates be zapped in the micro, they weren’t rude, but there was no apology.

And then, after the food arrived, somewhat warmer, it was just…ok.

Here are the pros:

1. Miss Rae got to sit on Grandma’s lap.


2. It was cheap. The entire bill came to $38 before my coupon.

3. J Man had another opportunity to share his freaky brainy talents. Here he is putting puzzles together upside down. Because it’s too easy if you look at the picture…


Pray for me.

4. Zupan’s was right down the block, so some good coffee made up for the baaaad French toast…

Final word? Wilson Phillips said it best: “someday somebody’s gonna make you wanna turn around and say good-bye..”



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