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Going Green

My grandma used to save her tin foil. After it had served it’s purpose, she’d rinse it off and let it air dry in her dish rack. She wasn’t being trendy. She grew up during the Depression.

I want to be green. I really do. I have cute, reusable shopping bags. We have recycling bins at home. It makes me feel good when I can buy locally grown produce, etc.

But it’s kind of hard. The forces around me don’t make it very easy.

Matty B thinks recycling is a joke. Please boo and hiss him. Hopefully your collective disgust will seep into his pores and he’ll stop actively trying to not recycle.

50% 75% 90% of the time I forget my cute reusable bags in the car. I have a life, people. This life frequently requires emergency trips to the store for 3 different kinds of milk (note: there are 4 people in my family) and diapers. The last thing on my mind is recycling.

And, if you must know, we buy strawberries year round, every week, religiously. My kids like ’em. And they’re either from Mexico or California, two places that wouldn’t really be considered “local” for me…

All that to say, the only way that I’ll truly be “green” is if I physically change hues due to my greens consumption…


Green smoothie (banana, spinach, yogurt, PB, flax and ice cubes). Note: this picture was taken in the car, but I was stopped at a stop light. Tickets come out of “fun” money, you know.

Decaf, followed by some “real stuff” because someone brewed some at school and I have no self control.


Lunch was some veggie chili with a side of green pepper, cucumber and carrots.


Dinner was a giant pile of steamed broccoli that I dipped in ketchup. Please don’t laugh and point. I’m already thoroughly ashamed. Additionally I made some black rice (yum!) and some of this…


If, for some reason, Trader Joes and I break up, it’s going to be a sad sad day indeed…


Dessert. The good news? This chocolate is amazing! The better news? 10% of my purchase went to save an endangered species of bats! And if I could choose, I’d rather that my 10% save a koala bear, or maybe a panda, but Jesus made bats too, so I guess that’ll do.

I’m green after all!


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  1. so umm . . . I totally save and reuse my tin foil. It’s as much a money thing as a environmental thing though. It really bothers me how disposable everything is but I totally get that sometimes these disposable things have their uses. I end up trying to buy and use the things that I can get a few uses out of at least.

    And Matty B – reduce reuse recycle *pointy waggy mommy finger of death*

  2. Broccoli dipped in ketchup is delicious! I also love to dip it in sriracha sauce!


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