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Dirty laundry and chocolate truffles

Our dryer went out.


It hasn’t worked since Sunday. Today I busted out my maternity tights. Everything else was dirty. They were surprisingly comfortable. Also, I think this is the 2nd time I’ve taken a picture of my laundry for this blog, and for that I apologize.

A repairman will make an appearance tomorrow between 6 am and 9 pm. They give us a time frame for convenience you know. In the meantime, I think this might be the perfect excuse to wear sweatpants to school.


Also, we’re sick. All of us except Matty B. I blame his “health” on the fact that he regularly OD’s on gummy vitamins and Airborne (the closest thing this house gets to soda…).

The above picture is the kiddos showing you their runny noses. Contrary to what you might believe, they’re not complaining about how bad all the dirty laundry smells…


I bought this silver sparkle shirt at Target.

Problem #1: buying clothes at a store that also sells goldfish crackers and play-doh. Look at those disintegrating sparkles!

Problem #2: assuming that I can pull off silver sparkles. Who do I think I am? Nicki Minaj?


Chocolate makes everything better…

I used Katie’s recipe for Microwave Chocolate Truffles.


And let’s be real. Any recipe that’s mostly chocolate is going to be good. And any recipe that takes 5 minutes to make is going to be appreciated. And any recipe that dirties just one measuring cup and one spoon is saving me some stress. Who knows? The dishwasher could be the next to go…


These went from this…


To this, in 40 minutes, of which 5 of those minutes were ‘active’.


Would you judge me if I told you I licked the bowl clean before even tasting one?


Would you judge me if I told you I didn’t share with the kids?

Good thing I’m wearing my sweatpants tomorrow…


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