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I’m trying not to be stuck in a rut.

Pushing myself to run 5k v. running my typical “as far as I can go in 25 minutes” is an example.


I bought a plaid flannel shirt. Totally getting out of my “brown/black/gray” rut. I realized today that my favored style is very “Barbara Walters”. Fine if you’re 65. I’m 33. Hopefully this colorful shirt is proof of my desired youth…

And ruts exist in my diet. Oatmeal for breakfast? Yes, please. Every single day? Certainly Barbara would approve.

But it’s time to bust out of my WIAW rut!


Bananas Foster Baked Oatmeal topped with Greek yogurt and walnuts. Oh this was good! I’ll share the recipe soon!


Morning snacks consisted of a soy latte while grading book reports and a handful of almonds and craisins.


Lunch=rut busting. On my way to pick up 8th graders from academy day, I stopped by the Living Well Bistro in, of all places, a hospital. I chose the taco trio and was thrilled with 2/3 of them. The soy curls and the pâté were awesome. The black beans were bland. I took one bite of that taco and threw the rest away. But the other two were fabulous!


An oatmeal raisin cookie ball after staff meeting…


And when I walked in the door at quarter to six, Matty B had dinner on the table! What a guy! He even made me brown rice!


Braised kale, peas, brown rice and rendeng curry over TVP chunks. We are in unchartered territory here! No ruts to be seen for miles!


And because life isn’t worth living any other way, a little chocolate.

That’s one rut I’m happy to ride for the rest of my life…

What’s one of your ‘rut’ foods? I think mine must be oatmeal. You’ll notice it still made a significant appearance today…


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  1. That dinner looks amazing! Way to bust out of a rut.

  2. hehe yes i’m an oats rut person too!

  3. Oh I love the colors of your plaid shirt!


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