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All the cool kids use acronyms.

New Kids On The Block? That’s NKOTB to you. (Side note: these guys are touring again? Really? I guess they really are “Hangin’ Tough”…)

Creedence Clearwater Revival? Thanks to my dad I’m aware that those “in the know” refer to these guys as CCR.



Am I dating myself?

My gray hairs are proof that I’m old. My musical taste is proof that I’m classy. This recipe is proof that I’m 100% obsessed with peanut butter.

Introducing C3PB, also known as Cocoa Coconut Chia Peanut Butter.

I did that. I made up the recipe and I came up with the name. I should be the boss of naming all foods.


I don’t blink an eye at paying $10 for a jar of peanut butter. Well, I blink, but then I buy it anyway because good peanut butter is worth it! Maranatha, Justin’s, PB & Co. – they’re all so good!


I didn’t realize how insanely easy it was to make your own gourmet peanut butter! The food processor is your ticket to PB success. And when you’re making it yourself, you can put in all the crazy stuff you want.

Like cocoa powder. And coconut. And chia seeds.


I used raw peanuts and unsweetened coconut- the big flakes, not the small flakes (although the size probably doesn’t matter). After letting it run for 5ish minutes, I added the cocoa powder and a sprinkle of sea salt.


My assistant’s pudgy finger did all the hard button pushing. She’s an expert.


She’s also an expert taste tester.

After the PB is as drippy as you desire, (I think the longer you process, the more liquified it becomes), stir in the chia seeds. I didn’t process this because I wanted the crunch of the seeds.


So good. This is no Skippy. It’s better. It isn’t super sweet, so you could add some agave or maple syrup if you want, but I prefer it au natural.


I gave this C3PB a little TLC…

(For those of you from the 90’s, that’s T-boz, Left Eye and Chili…)

C3PB – Cocoa Coconut Chia Peanut Butter


2 cups raw peanuts
1/2 cup unsweetened coconut
2 TBS cocoa powder
2 TBS Chia seeds
Sprinkle of sea salt


Process peanuts and coconut in food processor until desired consistency- 5-8 minutes. Add salt and cocoa powder and process until combined. Stir in chia seeds with a spoon. Scrape into jar and refrigerate. Lick spoon.


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  1. Wow! Awesome! Very creative! My daughter would totally love this. 😀

  2. Thanks! You’re my best commenter ever- I love it!


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