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Cannon Beach…in January

It was one of those times when things turned out better than expected.

Like when you forget that you’ve put a little sugar in your coffee and assuming it will be black, you take a sip and, surprise! It’s sweet! (I have a tendency to nurse a cup of coffee all morning. I repeatedly reheat. Matty B thinks this is strange. And also kind of gross.)

Or when, you watch a movie that you’re certain will be a waste of time, but you end up liking it? (Confession: I recently saw a Steven Seagal movie that I really got into. I’m actually kind of ashamed…)

It’s January. In Portland. It’s cold and rainy. When the kids are cooped up in the house for the day, my Steven Seagal attributes kick in.

Matty B had a crazy idea.

“Let’s take the kids to the beach.”

And so we did.


Cannon Beach is one of my favorite places in the world. That’s right. The world. I have wonderful memories of family vacations there, it is so cute and quaint and it’s where Matty B proposed. (Awwww….:)

But let’s be clear. We’ve been on vacation there in July when we were freezing cold and it was windy and rainy. Risking January weather was a tad crazy on our parts.

Regardless of weather, I knew I’d be happy for the food alone.

To the vegan police: I lived a little this weekend. No name calling, please.



We love the Cannon Beach Bakery. They have these muffins called “Sailor Jack”. They are so good. So good. Also, J Man calls them ‘Scrumble Jack’ and that makes me laugh. Also, it appears from the picture that he wasn’t enjoying his muffin. He inhaled that thing in 47 seconds. He’s good.

I’m desperate for the recipe. I’ve tried other “imposter recipes” and they’re just not the same. And yes, we asked the bakery if they share recipes. Of course not:(


Directly across the street is Bella Espresso. The absolute best thing to warm your hands when you’re ready to head out to the cold, windy beach…


Or, the warm sunny beach?

We were shocked. The weather was perfect. Granted, we still wore hats and sweaters, but coats were shed within minutes of hitting the sand.


There were giant holes to be dug.


There were sand dunes to be jumped/slid. (Maybe a Steven Seagal impersonation?)


Some of us were slightly giddy…

We played on the beach for a long time. Matty B and I kept looking at each other and saying, “this was the best plan ever!”


We finished up with a slice of my favorite pizza ever- Pizza a fetta. I wish I’d gotten two pieces because Miss Rae ate about 1/3 of my slice.

It really was one of the best days we’ve had at the coast. And such a pleasant surprise!


Love this:)


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