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Masa Hot Cereal Disaster

I’m good at many things.

I’m a fine pianist and I’m a great mom.

Just the other day I won a contest at a baby shower by a landslide. If you ever need someone who knows multiple nursery rhymes, I’m your girl. The other shower attendees never had a chance…

I’m a good wife (I think:) and I’m a good driver (I know!)

I’m a fair runner. I’m not fast, but I’m steady. I’m good at word games like bananagrams and scrabble.

I’m a good cook. When I’m not trying to be healthy, I’m a great cook. I’m still learning how to make awesome recipes with healthy ingredients.

Today, however, I wasn’t good. I was bad, in fact.

I wasn’t “bad” in the sense that I made some deliciously, sugary, fattening concoction that everyone loved. I was “bad” in the sense that the food I made was gross.

I’m a hot cereal girl. I love my oats, but recently have been experimenting in the mornings with brown rice, steel cut oats, even quinoa.

Today I tried masa.


I had a bag from a homemade tortilla attempt (FYI: for me, it’s cheaper, easier and tastier to purchase tortillas). The leftover masa has been sitting in my pantry, mocking me ever since.

So I tried it out. 2 cups water, 2 cups almond milk, 1 cup masa, 1 tsp maple extract, 2 TBS brown sugar, 4 servings.

It’s unfortunate that I made 4 servings. This stuff was no good. It wasn’t the flavor that bothered me, it was the texture. The mouthfeel (strange word) was…weird. It was very baby food-esque. I do not eat pumpkin pie for that very reason.

I dumped some blueberries on top for some more texture and I ate a serving.


Maybe “disaster” is too harsh a word. Should my title have been Masa Hot Cereal Set Back? Masa Hot Cereal Disappointment?

Two questions:

1. Have you tried this technique/recipe before? Any tips?
2. I’m thrifty. What do I do with the other 3 servings? Dump it? Eat it? Sneak it into cookies and serve them to Matty B…?


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  1. yummy picture!

  2. Sneak them into cookies and serve them to Matty B!

  3. So I have no suggestion on what to do with the leftovers, bit if you want a corn cereal do yellow corn grits or polenta…same thing! Fix them just like you would any other hot cereal, 3 cups water to 1 cup polenta! And if I am telling you something you already know than just disregard me 😉 hope it works better for you next time!!

    • I’ve never MADE grits – just enjoyed them at restaurants, covered in cheese:) But I guess I could make them sans cheese…thanks for the suggestions!

      • I go in and out of my love affair with grits because sometimes I get tired of them. But this week the love affair has been back on! I’ve been making my grits like this:

        2 cups water
        1/2 cup grits
        nutritional yeast
        vegan Daiya mozzarella cheese block, cut into cubes
        Frank’s hot sauce
        crushed red pepper flakes
        minced onion
        garlic powder

        1. Boil the water.

        2. WHISK in the grits. It’s very important to whisk them in otherwise they clump. *Cooking time depends on what type of grits you buy. But they are done when they are thick and creamy and all the water is soaked up.

        3. Stir in the mozzarella cheese cubes so they melt in the hot grits.

        4. Season with everything else to taste.

      • This sounds great! I’m totally going to try it! Thanks!

  4. I forgot to say that it makes about 2 servings, and the amount of Daiya cheese cubes you use it up to you, but I usually use around 8 cubes (I don’t really count how many I use).


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