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It’s unfortunate that the weekend is almost over.

It’s fortunate that two of my favorite places in Portland are right down the street from each other:

Powell’s City of Books and Whole Foods:)

And in general, what these two establishments have to offer are all I need. Books and good food.

Throw in my sweet family and I’m set!


Please tell me why it’s almost impossible to take a good picture of my handsome boy? Why, oh why, is he always grimacing?


Miss Rae doesn’t have a problem with being photogenic. She does have a problem sharing, thus our choice of literature…


After some quality reading time, we headed over to the mother ship. Oh, I do love Whole Foods! I went crazy at the salad bar and was very excited to see some vegan chicken!


Look at my salad beast. I ate about half of that, but had to save room for dessert…


I wanted the German chocolate cookie, but had to settle for regular chocolate chip. I managed to survive…

It was a great afternoon. I do love Portland!


These guys are pretty great too…:)

P.S. again, note J Man with his awkward expression…sigh…


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