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What I know

So last night Miss Rae and I were rocking and snuggling before bed. It was a beautiful moment and I said to her, “you are smart and beautiful and kind.”

She turned around, looked up at me and said, “know dat.”


She’s cute and she knows it…

Here’s what I know:


Adults actually can fit into the play place at McDonalds. I know from personal experience. With a cold, windy afternoon, we hit up Mickey D’s for ice cream and play time.

I’ve mentioned before that I will discipline other people’s children in public. Today was no exception. Thus, why I found myself inside the tube slide. We all bathed in Purell when all was said and done.


I know that I have no fashion sense and I’m not trendy at all. I had some quality time at Nordstrom (thanks, Jen!) and I bought a lot of gray, brown and black – my staples. And then I bought red skinny jeans. Am I too old to wear red skinny jeans? Bri, help me.



I know that Pizzicato makes a vegan pie. And it’s delicious.

And I’m addicted to this chocolate.


But like Miss Rae, you already “know dat”.


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  1. YAY for Vegan Pizza options!


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