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Coffee Confession

I’m back on the sauce.


It started innocently enough, as all addictions do.

In the frenzy and excitement of the holidays, I forgot to ask for decaf during one Starbucks run (because my drink isn’t complicated enough? Tall, decaf, soy, no whip, half sweet, blah blah blah).


About 30 minutes in, I could feel it. The caffeine. And oh friends. It was good. I had this burst of frantic energy and that afternoon I ran so hard and so fast and it felt good.

That’s one slip up, right? How does that make me go over the edge?


Well, then over the break we were visiting my family and my dad makes a pot of coffee in the morning and is regular and it’s free and warm and I like coffee and…


I told myself, when I was back home, back to my normal routine, back to my keurig, I would be a decaf girl again.


It’s hard waking up at 5 am when you’ve been waking up at 7 am for two weeks.


I’m back on the sauce.

I’m not sorry. Ok, a little sorry, but not enough to change my ways.

Is caffeine really that bad for me? Or is this just something mothers brainwash their children into thinking so that they don’t drink Mt. Dew?


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  1. Nothing to be sorry about when it comes to coffee I recon!!!!!!
    If that’s the only thing we’re addicted to then I think its good news!
    I am quite content enough to say I will never give up my addiction – tried way too many times and it’s just not worth it! heheheheeee

    • When I was pregnant with Miss Rae, I went totally clean and then after she was born, I figured, “why go back?” I’ve been totally off caffeine since, but it appears that I’ve had a break down…:)

      • WOW! That is soooo good of you to go so long without! I’m impressed! My poor daughter had to deal with my caffeine addiction when I was pregnant! Now she has the joy of accompanying me to the cafe though so it worked out ok in the end 😉

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