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Apple Cucumber Juice

I’m not much of a team player…

1. I’m super competitive. Unless we’re winning, you don’t want me on your team.

2. I’m fit, but I’m not athletic. Does that make sense? I’ve never been very coordinated (or even really understood the rules) in most team sports.


My best friend in elementary school, Laurie, was very sporty. When it was time to choose up teams for kickball or, God forbid, dodgeball, everyone wanted Laurie on their team. No one wanted me. Lest you start to feel sorry for me, here’s the heart-warming end to this anecdote. When the team captain would choose Laurie, she would grab my hand and reply, “Me and Holley come as a package.” If they wanted her (and they did), they’d let me tag along too, so I was never that sad, last picked player. Sweet Laurie:)


As a result, I’m more of a “solo” sport kind of girl. I don’t want to play anything where a team is depending on me or I run the risk of choking and letting everyone down. Croquet? Yes, please. Basketball? What in the honky is a “screen” and how in the world do you go about setting one?


There is one team sport that I’m pretty good at, however.


Didn’t know juicing was a “sport”? You can join my team, if you want.

Glen and I decided that we really need to cleanse ourselves of every lingering morsel of gingerbread cookie. She suggested we bring our juicers to school along with any produce we had floating around, and have a juicing party at lunch.


One of my other teachers, Brian, jumped at the chance, and all three of us juiced for lunch yesterday and today. You might call us the “dream team”.


This was so great! We had so many more produce options when we compiled all our stuff and it was fun checking out each other’s juicing combos. Maybe I should get us jerseys…

Yesterday I went all citrus and it was just too tart. Today, I found a winner.


Apple Cucumber Juice

1 granny smith apple
1 fuji apple
1/2 cucumber
3 stalks celery
1/2 bag baby carrots

Process in a juicer and enjoy!

If there were any sort of “Juicing World Series”, my team would score the winning touchdown:)


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