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It’s possible that I can predict the future.

I can predict that immediately following dinner, all 3 (yes, 3) of my kids will be requesting dessert. Every. Night.

I can predict that no matter how many mate less socks I throw away, I will always, always have a small pile just waiting to find their match.

I can predict that as soon as J Man proclaims himself “sweaty” and takes off his shirt after running around, Miss Rae will follow suit. It’s super cute.

Last month, I had a dream that I was in an earthquake, and when I woke up the next morning, Matty B said, “looks like Portland had an earthquake last night.” What?!?! Crazy.

The following night I dreamt I was pregnant with another boy. We named him Jefferson. Sorry, mom. It was just a dream. (Matty B, you can breathe now…)

My current prediction is involving this “cheesecake dip” from Mama Pea


It’s as easy as…cheesecake? No. It’s way easier than cheesecake. You basically take silken tofu, cream cheese and powdered sugar and whir it up in the blender with some spices. It’s not on the Peas and Thank You blog, but you can check out her cookbook here.


Mama Pea isn’t paying me to market her book, but maybe she should…in cookie dough balls

Here’s my prediction. This dip will be good on virtually anything you put it on.


Blackberries? Yes, please.


Bananas? Of course. (Note the fingernail polish. Much better than my comet color last week, yes?)


What about Trader Joes alphabet cookies?


G never tasted better.


My final prediction of the evening? This dip will not help me with my New Year’s resolution to “eat clean”. Oops.

Wait. This dip has tofu. We’re golden. Who wants cheesecake dip for breakfast? I predict it will be delicious!


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  1. Yum!
    I’m a bit of a dessert fan!


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