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I was somewhat dismayed the other day. Disgusted, really. Disgusted in America.

What was my dissatisfaction regarding? Unemployment? The economy? Homelessness? No. All of these things are definitely cause for concern.

However, what had me so indignant was Christmas music. Yes, Christmas music.

I was preparing for our all school Christmas sing along and looking for some inspiration, I googled “best Christmas songs” and was led to a link that promised the “top 100 Christmas songs”. Jackpot, right?

2 out of the 100 were Christian Christmas songs. 2 out of 100.



Shockingly, Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy made the list overrun with Santa Baby, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus and The Grinch.

Really? Really. No Away In The Manger. No Little Town of Bethlehem. No Hark The Herald Angels Sing.

Disheartening. Is the opposite of disheartening, “heartening”?

If so, we had a very “heartening” night last night.


I’ve almost fulfilled my whole Christmas Bucket List and visiting The Grotto may have been one of my favorites!


I loved watching my kidlets pet the animals in the stable.


I loved listening to Christmas carols and looking at the lights.


But most of all, I loved that the whole thing was 100% about Baby Jesus.

Don’t get me wrong. We love Santa.



And while we sing “Frosty the Snowman” (Miss Rae’s favorite part is “thumpety thump thump) and “The 12 Days of Christmas” (Can you guess who’s favorite that is?:), I need my babies to know about another Baby:)


So much joy:)


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  1. I’ve always told my daughter that I personally believe there is a BIG difference between “christmas songs” and “Christmas carols”…… When I think of Christmas – I want to sing songs that truly remind us of what we are celebrating!


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