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My boy…

I know that every mom in the world thinks their kid is super smart and beautiful and funny and, well, perfect:)

But they haven’t met J Man:)


My friend, Jennifer, got him that shirt. It says “most likely to succeed”:) If there had been a shirt that said, “I’m 3 and I know the names of all the continents”, she could have gotten that one too, but I’m assuming Nordstrom was out…

He had his first Christmas program a few nights ago.


The photo quality is awful but it’s because they were taken on my phone while I was trying to wave and blow kisses at the same time.


He’s standing between his two favorite girls in class. Maybe that will explain his “contemplative” pose. “Which girl should I choose? They’re both so pretty…”


Look at him singing his little heart out!

He sings at home too, but the song is usually “Fifty Nifty United States”.


Miss Rae, watching jealousy. She thinks she belongs in preschool too. Just wait, Miss Rae. Daddy has to teach you the state capitals first…


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