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Deprivation and Doughnuts Overdose

Deprivation makes everything sweeter.

Is that a depressing thought? You know how when you’ve just run 3 miles and you’re super thirsty, even the tepid water in your water bottle from the day before tastes sweet and delicious? It’s like that.

I’ve been slightly deprived of my sweet family.



I’ve been working a lot. A. Lot. It’s been the first week of the month and that’s when all my board meetings fall. Additionally, right before a holiday, things always tend to unravel a bit. Students are anxious for break. Teachers are anxious for break. Parents are anxious, in general. For me, this equals evenings when I return home after the kids are already in bed and mornings when I leave before they’re awake.

But this weekend, I took a stand.

No school activities.

No social activities.

We didn’t even go to church.

What did we do instead?



Alpenrose Storybook Village



This picture is dark but I had to include it because I asked Miss Rae where Baby Jesus was and she was gleeful with joy, pointing him out. My baby is excited about Baby Jesus – see we did go to church:)



They had miniature houses to play in and trains to watch.

But the best part?




The doughnuts, naturally:)

I was apparently inspired, because I got home and made these Pumpkin Spice Doughnuts (recipe coming soon!)



We also built giant block towers and played an interesting round of boys v. girls basketball. Miss Rae was double dribbling, otherwise I’m certain we would have won.


There was Starbucks, obviously. The kidlets are no stranger to the Starbucks siren, but they typically go for the chocolate milk. My sister is anxious to give the kids their first coffees (in 19 years, Aunt B…), so if I wanted to claim any Starbucks “firsts”, I knew I had to move fast. This is J Man’s first peppermint hot chocolate. FYI: Miss Rae wanted nothing to do with hers. What? I don’t know. She also hates it when I sing along to the Christmas songs on the radio. “No, Daddy!” she’ll cry. Again, what? I don’t know…


Sunday found us at The Portland Bazaar hanging out with all the hipsters. Side note: are you a hipster if you refer to yourself as a hipster? Someone behind me in line did just that and I judged them silently…


We are self admittedly not hip, but we did manage to spread biscuit crumbs all over the bazaar and sample more than our share of Wood Block Chocolate.

And since we were in the neighborhood and we’d only had doughnuts twice already this weekend, we naturally needed a detour at Voodoo Doughnuts.


Matty B’s doughnut is called an inappropriate name that I’ll not write on this family friendly blog, but he enjoyed it immensely. I love that they not only have 1 vegan option, but a plethora!


To be perfectly honest, I’m feeling a little green. It was a definite doughnut overdose weekend.

No overdose on this, however. It was just what I needed! I’m ready to face another week! No doughnuts necessary…



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  1. Gorgeous little cuties you have there!!!

    Have you seen the Leibster Award going around blogs recenlty? I’ve nominated you if you’d like to play a part in it 🙂 Not offended if you don’t want to. Its just a great way of connecting bloggers. 🙂

  2. Hi Sandy,

    wow! Thanks for nominating me! So, how does this work? I saw something about 11 questions that I was supposed to answer? Or do I just give 11 facts about myself? And then is there a link-up? I’m new to all of this, so any info would be great!

    Thanks again!


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