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Oh Christmas Tree

The tree is a big part of Christmas.


One year, we couldn’t for the life of us keep our tree upright. It fell over numerous times. My brother and I found it hilarious. I don’t think my dad did…


Another year my mom was raising Persian cats and the cats were constantly trying to pee on our Christmas tree. My mom heard somewhere that spraying vinegar on your tree would deter the cats from this bad habit. Needless to say, the wonderful evergreen scent was masked by vinegar. To this day, if I smell vinegar, I’m immediately reminded of cat pee at Christmas. Now that I think of it, this might be why I can’t tolerate salt and vinegar potato chips…


When Matty B and I were first dating, we tromped out in the middle of the night to the middle of the forest and very illegally cut down a giant tree for my tiny apartment. Even though we basically cut the tree in half to make it fit, it still bent over at the top, too tall for my 1 bedroom.


This year we were gifted a free tree by a sweet family at my school, the Knapps. As you can see, Matty B is very excited about finding the perfect tree.


That, or he’s just hoping that Bill will let him borrow his chainsaw (something on Matty B’s Christmas list. You know, for all the logging we do…)



After finding the perfect tree, we got to see all the fancy equipment that comes with owning a Christmas tree farm. Check out this machine! It wraps your tree up, all neat and tidy!


I’m certain Matty B has added one of these to his Christmas list.


After a small panic attack by Miss Rae from the loud chainsaw, and some consolation popcorn made by Maddy (Knapp daughter), we were off to decorate our prize.


Vinegar not included…

P.S. We’ve been so lucky to have Sha Sha visiting from Florida! You know, there’re no Christmas trees in FL, only palm trees, so this was a treat for all;)


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