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What I didn’t eat on Wednesday…

After “gorge-fest 2012” (more on this later), I’ve cleaned up my diet a little.


1. Cutting back on the bread.
2. 13 peanut butter blossoms is not an appropriate portion for one sitting.
3. Stuffing makes you just that – stuffed.

So today could be called WMPW (watching my portions Wednesday) or even NEDWEMW (not eating dessert with every meal Wednesday). I might be onto something here…


Breakfast was a wedge of this sweet potato-oatmeal bake from Oh She Glows. It looks decadent and tastes heavenly but with no added sugar, other than a little maple syrup, it’s guilt free. The “Thanksgiving Holley” would have dumped brown sugar on top. The “Wants to Wear my Skinny Jeans Holley” enjoyed it as is.

Decaf with almond milk. Obviously. Haven’t we been here before?


I juiced for lunch. Beet, carrot, apple, spinach and more! Best over ice. Somewhat sad that this meal didn’t include copious amounts of mashed potaotes, but the juice made “Skinny Jeans Holley” happy. (side note: check out Miss Rae as a baby in the background…so little!)


While cooking dinner, I snacked on a handful of this trail mix, sans the yogurt chips. I love those cranberries. The kids call them “red raisins”. And then they smoosh them into the carpet.


Dinner was broccoli and my peanut noodles. And alas, not a slice of pie to be found.

Unless you count this sweetie pie:


Miss Rae enjoying her first cake pop. It’s no peanut butter blossom, but she seems to be loving it…and maybe praying for more? Portion control, baby girl. Portion control.


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