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If I like it, I like it.

Matty B has completely random taste in music.

His iPod is a mish-mash of Mozart, Michael W. Smith and Metallica. If you select “shuffle”, there’s no telling what will come up next.

And when we finish listening to Yo Yo Ma, and the next song that comes on is Rage Against the Machine, his response to my raised eyebrow is usually, “If I like it, I like it.”

So it is with these Raw Caramel Bars from Triumph of the Lentil.

It was about 7 pm, with still an hour to go before bedtime. The troops were restless. In an effort to entertain and get a potential treat out of the deal, I asked the kiddos if they wanted to help me cook. They were non-committal. However, as soon as I mentioned that the food processor was involved, they were on board! Nothing says ‘fun’ like a night of pushing buttons on the Cuisinart!

At this point, Matty B got quite excited. A treat? Yes! This would make up for the fact that I haven’t purchased soda or juice in 365 days. I’m not lying. The man is deprived.

He was, however, quickly dismayed to find out the ingredients of this recipe. Dates? Walnuts? Coconut oil? Almond butter? Agave nectar? That’s all? No brown sugar? No white flour? No chocolate chips? He immediately retreated to the solace of his iPad where he listened to the funeral march by Chopin, followed by some Nine Inch Nails.

J Man and Miss Rae were in their glory, pushing buttons to their hearts content (admittedly, I may have let them go a little crazy- the crust is not as crumbly as I would have liked it).

A walnut/date crust is covered with a “caramel” made of coconut oil, dates and almond butter. The whole mess is then covered in a raw chocolate sauce. I stuck it in the fridge to firm up a little.

Oh. Yes. If this is what “raw” eating is, I’m in.


I was skeptical, however, as to how they would taste. I mean, let’s be real. There’s no way that when dates and walnuts are combined they magically taste like caramel.


So I can’t, in all good conscience, tell you that they taste like caramel. But I can tell you that they taste good – so good!


Full of nuts, dried fruit and coconut oil, these aren’t low fat. However, I feel so much better eating these for a treat rather than something full of red #40 and high fructose corn syrup.


But let’s have some perspective. I eat broccoli slaw and kale chips on a daily basis. Can you really trust my taste buds on this recipe? The true test would have to come from Matty B, the connoisseur of HFCS.

So I bullied him into having a bite.

He chewed. He swallowed. He reached for more.

I was shocked. Baffled even.

His response?

“If I like it, I like it.”


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