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Last survey

This survey has been floating around the blog world for awhile now and as usual, I’m late to the party, but with a plethora of pumpkin and tofurkey floating around, I think I could use a little mindless chit chat.

Last food you ate:

Rolled oats with a handful of walnuts and 1/2 giant canned peach, plopped right in the middle. I love home canned peaches. One summer, Grandma V spent an afternoon canning peaches with me. They were the sweetest ever. After she died, I saved a jar. I still have it. It’s more like peach liquor at this point, but I refuse to throw it away.

Last beverage you drank:

Decaf with almond milk. I know, I’m boring. I guzzle a ton of water each day, too. I don’t like to drink my calories. Yawn.

Last workout:


5:45 a.m. spin. As I’m rolling out of bed, I never want to go. Yet, at the end of each class, I’m always glad I went…

Last text message you sent:


This is in response to my friend Erin who was at the French Laundry, the most amazing restaurant in the world. I have a giant crush on Thomas Keller, the chef, and for Valentines Day a few years ago, Matty B got us reservations. Hands down, the best meal of my life. Later that year, I attended one of Thomas’s book signings and when he was signing my copy of his cookbook, he asked me if I was “in the business” (of food) and my very weird response was, “No, but I’m a lover.” What? I’m a lover? How embarrassing. In any case, it’s probably better that I wasn’t with Erin and the French Laundry chickens because I’d surely be making a fool of myself.

Last thing you pinned:

Judge me. Do it. I don’t have a pinterest account. I do know that it’s not pronounced “pinINterest”, but how many other time sucks do I need in my life? My two babies and this blog keep me busy enough, thankyouverymuch.

Last blog you visited:

Love my girl, Mama Pea at Peas and Thank You. I took her recipe for cut-out sugar cookies to a dinner party last weekend and they were a hit!

Last place you visited:

I’d say that 90% of the time, the answer to this question is Target. Last night was no exception. The kids needed snow boots and until they stop growing like weeds (18 more years?:), I refuse to buy them expensive boots from REI. Puffy moon boots for all! In addition, a few other things jumped into my cart: scotch tape (Miss Rae is going through a book tearing phase), sweatpants for the J, Archer Farms vegetarian samosas and yogurt covered raisins. All necessities, obviously…:)

Last tweet you sent:


This isn’t at all applicable to versatile vegan, but it truly is the last tweet I sent- and those were some groovy volcanoes!

Last time you did ab work:

More judging. I beg of you. Maybe if I think people are casting judgment that will make me do something about it. I don’t do ab work. There it is. Black and white. Sometimes in spin class the instructor yells at us to ‘tighten our core’ and I do, because, in general, if people yell at me, I do what they say. I’m thinking about starting a ‘plank challenge’ next week. That’s abs, right?

Last show you watched:

We don’t have cable. Please tell me when I’m supposed to watch TV with 2 children under the age of 4 running around my house. Also, we’re cheap. But to answer the question, if the 5 a.m. morning news counts, I watched that while I banged out 3 miles on the treadmill yesterday morning.

Last thing you baked:


Grandma V’s apple pie for Thanksgiving. Does your family have specific people who must make specific things on Thanksgiving? My brother always makes the sweet potatoes. No one else even asks. My dad always does the turkey, always. And I am the only person who makes the apple pie. The “VA” is for Virginia. Grandma’s first name and Miss Rae’s middle name.

Last thing you instagrammed:


Is he the most handsome man you’ve ever seen?

Last item on your to-do list today:

Turn in my paperwork for my gym reimbursement. My insurance is awesome in the fact that I get my gym membership reimbursed if I turn in the paperwork documenting that I actually attended. They know what they’re doing, though. It’s a somewhat complicated process and I’m certain that they’re banking on the fact that most people won’t want to muddle through the paperwork. They underestimate my thriftiness+my stubbornness.

There you have it!

Pick one to answer yourself! What’s one of your “lasts”?


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