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Rebel without a cause

I’ve never been much of a rebel.


Apparently, when I was a child, I was never spanked and very rarely disciplined in any way. I didn’t need it. It was enough for my mom to give me a stern look. A verbal admonishment typically sent me into tears. It would sure be nice if Miss Rae had inherited this trait. Alas, she seems to be following in Matty B’s belligerent footsteps. She’ll usually smack J Man, then come to me, confessing, “hitting”, and promptly put herself into timeout. At least she’s honest…


You might have called me the “teacher’s pet” in school. I loved all my elementary teachers and would write them notes, draw them pictures, etc. I was a total overachiever (and maybe a bit of a bossy tattle-tale) as I took my responsibility of following the school rules very seriously.


To this day, I follow the rules 99% of the time. I like to color within the lines, stay away from most law enforcement officers, and be on time to appointments, if not early.

That’s why I felt a little rebellious with this recipe. Chocolate donuts? For breakfast? It’s fall! No apple? No pumpkin? This is all wrong. Surely someone would find out and mock my obvious lack of judgment.

No matter, I threw caution to the wind and went for it. This recipe from The Happy Herbivore was calling to me. I answered, with a little rush of adrenaline. I’m walking on the wild side here, people!

Once I started rebelling, I couldn’t stop. The donuts for breakfast apparently weren’t enough to satisfy my quest to ‘break the rules’.

The donuts were good. Thick and chocolatey (Caroby? That’s what I used), but not too sweet. But we colored outside the lines a little…


Sea salt. Matty B was eating some sausages and he had sprinkled some salt on them. He dipped a bite of donut in the extra grains of salt- so good! The depth of flavor those few granules added was awesome! Next time, I’ll do a little chocolate glaze drizzle and sprinkle some sea salt on all of them!




As you can see, if I was indeed leading anyone astray with this salty, chocolatey goodness, they turned a blind eye and followed whole heartedly. Kids are like that. So easily influenced.


I may be rebellious, but I’m also rather persuasive. No one else seemed to mind:)


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