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Happy Easter?

We’ve got a little ‘holiday confusion’ around these parts.

1. J Man and Miss Rae are under the false impression that it’s the 4th of July as they constantly (and I do mean constantly – Matty B can back me up here) sing the song “50 Nifty United States”. Although it’s pretty darn cute listening to Miss Rae try to get through ‘Mississippi’. It’s more like ‘Sippi’:)

2. Miss Rae’s current favorite story is ‘Happy Valentines Day, Mouse!’ Her favorite part is the end where Mouse’s friends bring him cookies. She shouts, ‘Yum Yum!’ Indeed, sweet girl. Indeed.

So it was time for some cookie baking, naturally. Let’s get into the Thanksgiving spirit! I used this recipe from Mama Pea. It’s a winner. Whole wheat flour, applesauce and almond milk. You can’t go wrong!


We had dinner with some friends tonight. While Miss Rae and her friend jumped from furniture, J Man and his friend had some Thanksgiving cookie business to attend to.


I pulled out all the fall themed cookie cutters: a turkey, a pumpkin, some leaves, even a football. Did the kiddos want anything to do with these cookie cutters? No way.

What you don’t see in the pictures is the first tray of cookies. That tray displayed a helicopter, dinosaurs, umbrellas, hearts, four leaf clovers and numerous reindeer.

We finally pulled the ‘mom is in charge’ card and made them do a few pumpkins.


I’m bound and determined to not let Thanksgiving be overlooked for it’s smarter, prettier friend, Christmas. There will be pumpkin cookies, by golly!

J Man was good to cooperate. Well, except for when it comes to taking pictures…


Why is it so hard to get a picture of this guy? Maybe he’s practicing for our Christmas card…

That, or as in the second picture, he’s surprised that we aren’t dying Easter eggs. Wrong holiday, buddy. Keep trying…:)


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