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I’m no caveman

What do you think of the new heading? I love love it! Matty B takes all the credit. I could never have pulled that off! My computer skills? I got a lesson in Excel today. That’s how ‘techie’ I am…

While I’m living in the Stone Age with my computer skills, I’m not at all in the Stone Age with my diet. Anybody doing Paleo? I’m so not judging, but this girl needs her grains and legumes, as evidenced by today’s eats…


Oats? Very non Paleo.

Today’s oats had a diced apple, 1 TBS of flax seed, 1 TBS of Justin’s Maple Almond Butter (love this stuff!) and 1 TBS of chopped walnuts. Hot and delicious, although, per my usual, I ate it in the car on the way to school. But today a cop pulled behind me and followed me the whole way there, only turning off just before I rolled into the parking lot. As a result, I didn’t enjoy my breakfast as much as usual. I’ve got anxiety issues, I’m telling you!


Bread? Non Paleo.

For lunch I had this sandwich x2. Pesto, vegenaise, tomato, lettuce, pepper and pickle. An orange topped off the meal.


Dinner was Mexican- ole! Chips and salsa, an enchilada stuffed with black beans, chickpeas, corn, olives and tomatoes. Oh, the Paleo gods are shuddering! Am I trying to be Paleo? Obviously not as I look at a normal day of eats and realize that I would have to revamp my entire diet to comply!

Dessert was a few squares of dark chocolate and some retail therapy. Miss Rae and I went to Ann Taylor where I bought a shirt and Miss Rae channeled her inner superstar…


The chocolate was sweet- the company was sweeter:)

So, Paleo people, tell me about it- is the Paleo diet as amazing as it’s reputation promises it to be?


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  1. hahahaaaa Paleo = heart disease!
    Bring on the oats I say 😉

  2. ^^ What Sandy said! Your Apple Walnuts Oats look delish, as does that enchilada.

  3. Awe, Rae is adorable in those sunglasses!!


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