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Guilt and Bread Pudding

Guilt is really a big waste of time. As a working mom with perfectionistic tendencies, I frequently experience guilt. The other day, even though it was written on my calendar, even though the doctor’s office called me the day before, even though Matty B reminded me that morning, I still forgot Miss Rae’s 18 month check up. I remembered in time to pull into the parking lot as Matty B and the kids were pulling out.

Was it the end of the world? No. Is the father of the year capable of handling a “well baby visit” on his own? Perfectly. Will Miss Rae remember my absence? Not a chance.

Regardless, I stewed over this for a good 2.5 hours before I moved on. What a waste of time and energy. I’ve got better things to do. Guilt, be gone!

Here’s how my new plan is working:

I don’t feel guilty for wearing my pajamas until 2:30 p.m.


I was too busy cleaning the washing machine and playing an intense game of Candyland to think about putting on real clothes.

Speaking of Candyland, I will not feel guilty for occasionally cheating so that I can actually win. J Man has some sort of ‘champion’ gene in his blood and he always beats me. Always. He needs to learn that he can’t always win! So sometimes I cheat…

I will not feel guilty for ignoring my boss’s phone call today. It’s Sunday. I need to hang out with my other bosses.



And I don’t feel guilty for eating bread pudding for breakfast because I ate a mess of veggies for lunch!


I found the recipe in my Veganomican book. It had maple syrup, banana and chocolate chips- all three on my list of top 10 best foods ever!


I wasn’t sure how it would turn out without eggs. I mean, is it even bread pudding without an eggy custard?


A purist might not call it bread pudding. But I just call it good! Super decadent for a chilly Sunday morning breakfast!

Evidence that I liked it.


Evidence that Miss Rae liked it.

No guilt:)

(Although I did feel slightly guilty about leaving the dirty dishes for Matty B…)

Who am I kidding?

No guilt:)


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  1. Bread Pudding- yum! Always a favorite dessert for me

  2. You know, I used to avoid bread pudding (bread and egg baked together? Weird) but now I’m a big fan!


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