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English is my first and only language. This is a problem. We have a number of Hispanic families at the school and I’m frequently in need of a translator. One time I had a meeting with a family and the translator didn’t show. Speaking English super slowly and super loudly didn’t seem to help. I resorted to Google languages. I would type what I wanted to say into the online translator, and then butcher the pronunciation as I read back my question to the poor, confused mama. It was a disaster.

I took Spanish in high school, but it was a lot of Spanish soap operas and “donde esta el bano” (which I think is a restroom inquiry?). Regardless, nothing stuck.

We went to Disneyland awhile ago and I managed to memorize the Spanish instructions to ‘please stand clear of the doors’ on the monorail. Surprisingly, that hasn’t come in handy yet.

For Christmas last year, J Man received an electronic alphabet game that had a Spanish component. This helped me learn the colors, and also how to roll my ‘r’s’, but I still don’t know how to say, “Your son is in trouble at school because he plugged the sink drains in the boys bathroom with paper towels and then left the water running,” in Spanish. I need to go back to school. I wonder if the conference would reimburse me (and the family, of course) for a summer in Spain….?

Regardless, I was thrilled when J Man brought this home from preschool today.


My boy is learning Spanish! Although, I asked him what word he learned today and he responded, “I dunno…”

And it starts. The kid is 3 and already he’s incapable of telling mom about his day at school…

However, in celebration of the fact that at least one member of our household is learning Spanish (and don’t let Matty B fool you. He thinks he knows Spanish. He knows how to say ‘my wife is ill’ – (not sure why this is important) and he knows a joke. And I don’t even get the joke), I decided we needed a treat!


Chocolate Covered Katie’s ‘betterfinger bars’! These are seriously addictive! They were super easy, somewhat healthy (okay, not really healthy, but not terrible either) and if you really can’t control yourself, you store them in the freezer for that ‘out of sight, out of mind’ thing (although this isn’t a valid argument because they’re fabulous just out of the freezer…)


Needless to say, J Man was a fan. And this time, when I asked him if he liked his treat, he didn’t reply, “I dunno”.

Check out the recipe here.

Bueno. Muy bueno.


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