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Like mother, like daughter…

My voice sounds a lot like my mom’s.

When I was younger (like, 13), people would constantly get us mixed up on the phone. Enough so that my mom made me start answering the phone, “Leen residence, Holley speaking.”

Talk about embarrassing. I had braces, a bad perm AND I was forced to answer the phone like that? It’s shocking I’ve made it this far in life…

I don’t answer the phone like that now, but even to this day, if I’m at my parents home and I answer the phone, I’m frequently mistaken for my mom.

We have a lot in common, me and that lady.

We both love a good sale.

We both love “Friends”, although mom is a Phoebe fan, and I love Monica unconditionally (possibly because she’s my secret twin).

We play an awesome piano duet together. We rock it. Oh, yes we do.

We both think J Man and Miss Rae are the smartest children alive (and the cutest:)

But most importantly,

My mom owns a doughnut shop. I own a doughnut pan.



In a feeble attempt to get through my apple hangover, I turned to another fall addiction – pumpkin!

I turned to this recipe from Pickles&Honey.



Half with maple glaze drizzle, half with powdered sugar.


Powdered sugar is good.


But maple glaze drizzle always wins!


I’m sure my mom would agree. You can call her and ask her if you want. Just don’t be surprised if someone who sounds just like me answers…


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  1. Thanks for giving my recipe a try! They look like they turned out great, and I think I will have to steal your idea for the maple glaze the next time I make pumpkin donuts! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the great recipe! They were so yummy! I also love your cornbread recipe! Keep the good stuff comin’!


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