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There are some rules of life that I’m quite certain of. Manners. Common courtesies, if you will.

1. Don’t leave your hairs on the shower wall. Not at someone else’s house. Not at your house. It’s gross. It clogs the drain. Don’t do it.

2. Tip. Unless the service is the worst you’ve ever had in your life, tip. And 15% is the minimum…Grandpa. (Mom, do NOT read this to Grandpa!)

3. Take your shoes off at the door.

4. Clear your plate. (Not to be confused with clean your plate. In general, I think you should always leave a little food on your plate. Portion size, people.)

5. Guys, open doors for your ladies. It’s so nice. We like it. I’m very blessed that Matty B is super chivalrous like this. Thanks, babe:)

But the blogging world is, well, it’s another world! Isn’t it? So other bloggers out there, I need your expertise.

Last Saturday we needed waffles. Yes, needed:)


I have a gingerbread waffle recipe that I like on epicurious, but it’s definitely not vegan. So, I googled “vegan gingerbread waffle recipes” to see if I could find something yummy.

I found a lot of recipes- well, I should say I found one recipe, lots of times. My friend, Isa Chandra Moscowitz, has a book called “Vegan Brunch” and this recipe was from her book.

The recipe, in it’s entirety, was published on numerous blogs, and while the credit was given to Ms. Moscowitz, is it good blogging manners to publish this recipe, defeating the need for anyone to actually purchase her book?


I made the waffles. They were delicious. They tasted like Christmas in Vermont (not that I’ve actually experienced this, but it’s how I imagine it to be;). Topped with some apples sautéed in a little Earth Balance and cinnamon-sugar, they were to die for.

But I felt kinda guilty. Little does she know, but Isa and I are friends! I want to help her, not steal her recipes.

Bloggers (or anyone), what do you think? As long as you ‘cite your sources’, is this kosher?


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