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Seattle in 36 hours!

Matty B and I spent our first wedding anniversary in Seattle. We slept in. We drank coffee. We browsed Pike Place Market. We went to a Mariners game. We took a “chocolate tour” (amazing, by the way!) and we read the newspaper.

These days it’s a little bit of a different story. Sleeping in with your children in your bed is impossible. Pike Place Market was exchanged for the Children’s Museum. The chocolate tour was replaced with a candy shop on the waterfront as we were in dire need of gummy worms.

And the coffee? Oh, trust me, there was still coffee!


Or, in J Man and Miss Rae’s case, chocolate milk:)

And actually, there was still a ‘sporting event’ on this trip also- football!

My family invited us to attend the Seahawks/Vikings game with them this weekend. Matty B, a diehard football fan, immediately agreed. And after a long discussion that involved the difference between “pass interference” (a real football violation) and “past interference” ( my imagined football violation), it was determined that the kids and I would take naps at the hotel and then go to Panera Bread instead:)

But there was more to our weekend than just “you pick two”…


Seattle Center

Seattle Aquarium



And best of all, some wonderful family time!

P.S. The Seahawks won. I guess they made the most home runs…


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