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I made homemade yogurt!

I was vegetarian before it was cool.


We had a shaker of nutritional yeast in the fridge. This was sprinkled on veggies, popcorn or one time, ice cream (FYI- my mom’s crazy about nutritional yeast…:)

All my life I’ve eaten soy hot dogs. I love ’em! When I was 20ish, I had my first “real” hot dog. It was an all beef, kosher dog, and let’s be real – I liked it! But I started to feel a little queasy afterward, so I took some charcoal tablets. 4 hours later I threw up black all over the stairs. That was a little over-sharing, huh? I’m sorry. Although, not as sorry as my sweet mama who had to clean it up. (it’s okay, she eats nutritional yeast on ice cream- she’s got a stomach of steel!)

Growing up, I ate “wham” (fake ham), “fri-chik” (fake chicken) and “tuno” (I’m guessing you can figure this one out…).

All this to say, I’m not afraid of tofu.

I got a lot of comments on my post about almond milk yogurt and everyone was so sweet and helpful as I am trying to navigate the road of non-dairy yogurt options.

Especially Madison. She suggested I check out a homemade yogurt recipe she found at Happy Herbivore. It was a shining light, choir singing, “meant to be” kind of moment because I had all the ingredients on hand and some tofu I was needing to use up. What? Tofu in yogurt? Stick with me people – it tasted good!

And easy. So easy. Check out Lindsay’s recipe, but I changed it up…a lot, so here’s my take on homemade vegan yogurt!

Non-Dairy Banana Yogurt

12 oz. silken tofu (I used “soft”)
1 frozen banana
2 TBS maple syrup
1 TBS lemon juice
1 TBS chia seeds


Combine all ingredients in vitamix or high speed blender until chia seeds are crushed. Chill in the fridge for 3-4 hours to allow to “set up”.


It’s not pretty, but it tastes like banana cream! The final verdict? I had intended to follow Lindsay’s recipe to a T, but even before I had a chance to add the called for soy-milk, I could tell it was way too runny. That’s why I added the chia seeds in an attempt to thicken it up. After a few hours in the fridge, it was thicker, but not the perfect consistency for me…yet. We’ll see what a night in the fridge will do to it.


So, it was “breakfast for dinner”! I layered my yogurt, banana, strawberry, pineapple and a handful of granola into a yummy yogurt parfait! A fun, light dinner!

Oh, also, Matty B bought some new socks and Miss Rae decided she should try them on.


Crazy girl! I guess she takes after her grandma…I’ll bet Miss Rae would eat nutritional yeast on her ice cream too…

Everyday Vegan Girl


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  1. This looks amazing over parfaits! Such a creative recipe:)

  2. And it totally set up, too! It just needed a little ‘fridge’ action!

  3. So glad it worked for you! I came back here looking through your archives to see if you had tried it. I honestly was worried because I normally don’t recommend a recipe unless I’ve made it myself… But I knew Happy Herbivore was usually pretty good.


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