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“The best laid plans…

…of mice and men often go astray.”
-Robert Burns

Two potential defeats today:(

I participated in this vegan food swap hosted by The Verdant Life. Basically, it’s pen pals for food.

I was assigned sweet Galen from omgoshimvegan and I put together a little care package for her. Want to check out the goods? She wrote a kind post right here.

So the idea of a swap is that you give something and you get something, right? Sadly enough, my person totally bailed on me! No contact, no email, and definitely no treats! I’m so sad! I even wrote her an email with my address after I hadn’t received any contact, but no response. Sigh…

I knew it was a chance I was taking, but still disappointing…

And then then, it rained on Halloween. And the friends we were going to have dinner with got the flu. And Matty B is sick too!

I headed home, certain that our evening plans were ruined. But then, by some miracle (which might be sacrilegious- would Jesus perform a miracle to help us trick or treat?), it stopped raining.

And even though I was right in the middle of making dinner, we headed out. Matty B, a giraffe, a ladybug, and me:)









It was a great evening! Matty B is stocked up on candy, at least for a week, J Man and Miss Rae had so much fun, and me? Totally forgot about my food swap disappointment.

Besides, who needs vegan food with a jack-o-lantern full of Halloween candy?:)


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  1. I am sorry about your swap. This happened to me twice in knitting swaps so I had to stop doing them.

  2. You know, I was super disappointed but Cat from A Verdant Life (coordinator) was super apologetic and even said she’d send me a ‘sorry’ package, so just the acknowledgment makes it somewhat better:)


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